Concession Stand Coordinator

Linda Shimek

Job description of the West De Pere Booster Club Concession Stand Coordinator:

The concession stand coordinator is responsible for the successful operation of the West De Pere Booster Club concession stands.

At the beginning of each sport season the coordinator will be expected to insure all of the below duties are completed in a timely manner.

Duties include: 

  • Obtain all updated sports schedules for each season from Jodi Gibbons, Activities Secretary.  These schedules need to be shared with the Booster Club officers.   
  • Update the Google concession stand calendar with all home sporting events in the current season.
    • Fall Sports: 7/8 Grade Football, Freshman Football, JV Football, Varsity Football, Freshman Volleyball, JV Volleyball, Varsity Volleyball, Cross Country, Girls Tennis, Boys Soccer, Girls Golf
    • Winter Sports:  Girls and Boys Basketball, Wrestling, Hockey
    • Spring Sports:  Freshman Baseball, JV Baseball, Varsity Baseball, Freshman Softball, JV Softball, Varsity Softball, Boys & Girls Track, Girls Soccer, Boys Golf, Boys Tennis, 6th, 7th, 8th grade track, OLOL Track
  • Create a Concession Stand Sign Up Sheet for all home events including tournaments. (No concessions needed for Cross Country, Golf, and Hockey.)   Concessions may be needed for Wrestling and Tennis.  Wrestling will be determined on a case by case basis between the Booster Officers and the Wrestling Coach and Tennis will be determined based on what else is going on at the same time.  Normally scrimmages are not staffed but that could be up for discussion if the lead desires to open concessions.
    • Make sure the sign up sheet includes a specific amount of people needed for each shift.
    • Break up shifts during tournaments to no longer than 2 hours/shift.  
  • Responsible for obtaining leads for all of the different sports.  Send out an e-mail blast to the booster club distribution list to take the first pass at getting leads. 
  • Be the point of contact for the leads should they have difficulties staffing the stands or keep them updated if games are cancelled/rescheduled.
  • Attend the Code of Conduct meetings as well as any parent meetings along with a Booster Officer to collect emails and possibly fill in slots on the concession stand schedules.
  • Email the booster club officers with the website link once the calendar is updated to give them first chance to sign up for concession stand shifts.  Also, email the Booster Club e-mail distribution list to get the first pass of workers assigned.  Keep all Leads informed of scheduled workers.
  • Maintain the Google email distribution list.  Gather names and email address for all volunteers whenever possible.  
    • Athlete name
    • Parents name
    • Sports played
    • Graduating year
    • Current year in school
    • Phone numbers
    • E-mail addresses 
  • Maintain procedures for each concession stand (hard copies are in the stand).
  • Maintain a “tips and tricks” document for Concession Stand Leads that gives them information that is not in the hard copy procedures found in each stand. 
  • At the end of each season and before the first event in fall,  schedule a date and time for cleaning the stands and the transfer of supplies.  Send out an email blast for volunteers to assist with these tasks.

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